While it’s certainly true that working in a dangerous occupation can increase your chances of a severe or even fatal injury more, accidents can and do happen in everyday life, too. Being a safe driver, wearing reflective gear while bicycling, or waiting for the signal to cross the street as a pedestrian are all key steps to decreasing your accident risk, but you could still wind up suffering the consequences of a life-changing injury all too easily.

When it comes to preventable accidents, it will likely come as no surprise to any California resident that the most common sources of injuries include slip and fall accidents, car crashes, truck wrecks, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.

The important thing to remember is that if you ever find yourself the victim of such an accident, it falls to you to educate yourself about your rights and to take pro-active steps to protect yourself and your future.

Most accident victims can feel the immediate pain from the wreck, but might not be able to tell how it will impact their life long-term. Car accidents, especially, can be deceiving. Someone who feels “fine” at the scene might experience back or neck pain a few weeks later. That’s because it can take the body time to adjust. An accident victim in that situation should be prepared to discuss their concerns with a doctor as soon as possible. Documenting this in your medical record could have a big influence on any open claims related to your accident injury.

When you need someone in your corner to help you recover the compensation to pay for your treatment, hire a San Francisco personal injury lawyer with experience.

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