vehicle accident
Pain specialists at your doctor’s office can help tell you more about what to expect with a car accident when you’ve suffered an injury, but the truth is also that everyone may suffer different depth of pain and length of pain. Chronic pain from car accident injuries has the potential to affect your daily life, making it hard to go to work, spend time with your family, or pursue activities and hobbies that you enjoyed prior to the accident.

Work with a pain specialist to go through diagnostic tests to determine the full scope of your injuries. From here you may need to consult with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to help you create a compelling claim and work with your car insurance company to recover maximum benefits. The most common types of chronic pain injuries after an accident are whiplash, back and neck pain. Whiplash refers to the injury sustained by the sudden forward and backward movement of many rear end accidents. This condition can include symptoms such as back pain, stiffness in the neck, headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain and neck pain.

MRIs or CT scans may be required to diagnose this injury, and while short term treatment may include things like ice and medicine, these conditions can last for weeks or possibly even months depending on the severity of your injuries. This is why it is so important to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. Long term treatment can include massages, injections, heat and physical therapy.

Car and motorcycle accidents are also the leading cause of back and neck pain injuries. You need medical attention as soon as possible after the accident to rule out any more serious things such as a TBI or spinal cord injury, but even chronic neck pain has the potential to turn your life upside down. If you’ve recently been injured in a serious vehicle accident and have chronic pain, find a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing compensation.

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