Shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries associated with vehicle accidents. You might have more than one shoulder, upper back or neck injury because you have been seriously hurt in a San Francisco car accident.

If this is the case, you’ll want to discuss the specifics of your claim with the support of a San Francisco personal injury lawyer. Receiving a diagnosis from a physician is the first step towards determining your treatment plan and ensuring that you have a goal for fighting for compensation for your injuries.

One common type of injury suffered in a car accident is a rotator cuff tear. This happens when you use your arm to brace for the impact of a collision and unfortunately, rotator cuff injuries from car accidents can cause significant pain and impact your range of motion.

You might not detect a rotator cuff injury right away or be able to recover from one quickly. The risk of rotator cuff injuries increases with age. Some of the most common symptoms of rotator cuff tears are inability to lift the arm, weakness in the arm, crackling or snapping arm movement, pain or intense pain caused by lowering or lifting the arm. All of these issues should be taken seriously and reported to your personal injury lawyer.

A San Francisco car accident lawyer can help to evaluate the strength of your case and determine how the rotator cuff injury fits in with the rest of your personal injury claim. Your ability to recover compensation from an accident is extremely important when you have been hurt because another party was not paying attention and left you to suffer the consequences of their actions. Consulting with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer is your first step after getting medical help to recover your compensation.


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