car accident crash

It is nerve racking and confusing to live through a California car accident, particularly if anyone in your vehicle or in another car has been seriously injured. Keeping your wits about you, contacting the authorities, making sure that everyone receives medical attention if needed, and collecting evidence will make it that much easier for you to navigate the steps that follow.

Even if you are not yet sure whether you have sustained serious injuries, it is in your best interests to get medical attention, as this may help you determine the full scope of your injuries and get proper diagnosis and treatment immediately.

At the scene of the accident, exchange contact information with the other driver but also collect these four important types of evidence if you’re able to do so. They include:

  • A police report created by the police officers who arrive at the scene. This includes important details about damages, injuries and what happened before, during and after the accident.
  • Photographs that show the placement of the cars, any nearby signage or other materials, or visible injuries.
  • Witness contact information or evidence. Although police reports may contain some of these details, it is also good to speak with witnesses on your own and to gather their contact information so that your San Francisco personal injury lawyer can speak to them later.
  • Any personal notes. It can be very difficult to remember all aspects of a vehicle accident after it happens. Your attention may be turned to addressing your injuries and determining whether or not you can go back to work.

To protect your rights, make sure that you keep personal notes as soon as possible, including any details about whether the person was speeding, appeared to be on a cell phone or anything else that may help your personal injury lawyer in CA investigate the accident.

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