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Many people suffer injuries in the wake of a vehicle accident, but this situation can be much more complicated if you have a preexisting injury that was aggravated by the accident after spending so much time injuring, healing from the initial injury. The last thing you expect is a car accident that causes more substantial and ongoing injuries. It can also blur the line for victims who are unsure of how to hold someone responsible for an old injury flaring up again because of a recent crash. Since at least one person is injured in 43% of car accidents, some of these crashes will involve people with prior injuries.


If you sustain injuries from a vehicle accident in San Francisco caused by someone else, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. This may be essential for protecting your legal rights to justice and compensation. This is also true if your accident aggravated a pre-existing condition. These cases, however, can be extremely complex to pursue, and this is why it is important to identify a San Francisco personal injury car accident lawyer to help you. Your lawyer must make the case in drawing distinctions between the initial injury and how it was re-aggravated.


Unfortunately, too many insurance companies attempt to take advantage of injured accident victims who are not familiar with the value or the legal rights in their claim. As a result, many people with substantial injuries, including conditions that were re-aggravated by the accident, may end up taking a settlement amount that is worth far less.


The compensation you may be eligible to recover in a jury verdict or a settlement depends on facts such as the severity of your injuries before and after the crash. The details of the crash that led to the aggravated injuries and your attorney’s experience with car accident law. A San Francisco car crash lawyer can support you with your claim.

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