Many different common car crash injuries have the potential to upend your life. Unfortunately, one of these is a broken collarbone. When the seatbelt that could have saved your life by holding you still in one place pulls you forward a significant force, your collarbone may snap.

This is a prime location for injury from seatbelt force. If you believe that you may have suffered a collarbone injury in a San Francisco personal injury accident, you need the support of a qualified lawyer to help you determine how this fits into your personal injury claim. A physician needs to examine the injured area and may also order x-rays to determine whether or not your collarbone is broken.

Treatment may include things, such as physical therapy, an arm sling or over-the-counter pain medication. If you have a serious collarbone break, however, you may require surgery.

Victims who suffer a collarbone injury in a preventable car accident may also deal with potential complications. There is a good chance that your collarbone may keep you out of work for some time, but most people are able to recover and go back to work and be back to normal in just a few months.

However, complications like infection, nerve numbness and visible lumps at the collarbone site may all prove problematic for an accident victim. If you’re dealing with these complex circumstances, make sure to hire an attorney today to help you. A San Francisco personal injury lawyer can help you pull together evidence like pictures, videos, police reports, medical records, and eyewitness statements to help you show how another person caused your accident.



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