Getting prompt medical attention following any San Francisco car accident is the best way to prevent complications and issues in recovery of a broken bone. A doctor who diagnoses a broken bone can tell you more about the medications, physical therapy, casts and any other treatment that can help put you on the best path to recover.

Depending on the severity of your fracture and whether or not you follow the doctor’s recommendations, bones generally take between 6 and 12 weeks to heal significantly. In general, younger people, such as children will see their bones heal faster than adults. However, if a broken bone fails to heal, this is referred to as a nonunion. Bone healing requires adequate blood supply and stability. Nonunions frequently happen in broken bone situations when there is not appropriate blood flow or stability. Determining the cause of this is extremely important.

Some interfering factors include anemia, infection, older age, use of nicotine, diabetes and medications that are anti-inflammatory in nature. Working with a qualified orthopedist can help you determine the best treatment plan if you are suffering from a broken bone that is not healing.

All of these costs, including additional treatments required because your injury was so severe even when you followed the doctor’s orders, may become part of your personal injury lawsuit.

A dedicated physician, an orthopedist can help you with this process, but you may also require a knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury lawyer to help you recover compensation from a lawsuit. If you need help filing a claim against someone else, contact a San Francisco car accident attorney today.


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