It’s hard enough living through a vehicle accident no matter what, but it can be even more stressful when the other person who hit you leaves the scene of the crash. This is known as a hit and run accident, and involves far too many people every single year who suffer property damage, devastating personal injuries, or even death. You may still need to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries after an accident, but it is also important to gather any and all evidence that may help you to identify the other driver.


While at the scene, notify the police of any details that you noticed about the vehicle or the driver who struck you. it is also important to find eyewitnesses in the region who may have seen other identifying details about the person’s car.


In addition, materials such as video cameras in the vicinity may have captured critical details that help the police to identify who struck you. unfortunately, it can often be challenging to identify someone else in a hit and run accident, meaning that you may pay the price for substantial medical bills.


Your car insurance and health insurance may assist you with recovering the compensation you need to move on from this accident, but make sure that you consult with a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you understand the evidence that may assist you in finding out who else was involved in the crash.


This other party may be facing criminal consequences as well as civil liability for the injuries and property damage they caused, so any detail that can help move you closer to identifying them, such as the type of vehicle or any license plate materials, are helpful. Talk to a San Francisco hit and run accident lawyer to discover more about your rights.

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