When a car accident happens, the people who were involved may not be able to remember the scene of events that took place leading up to the wreck. Many of them may have suffered substantial injuries and may be unable to speak for themselves, or to clearly articulate the factors that may have caused the accident.

Some people are truly sideswiped or blindsided by an accident, meaning that accident reconstruction can be an important way to retell the story of how the accident happened. Investigating the accident is critical to building a strong case for damage recovery. Vehicular accident reconstruction refers to the full process of analyzing, investigating and developing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision.

Your San Francisco personal injury lawyer might use the services of an experienced accident reconstructionist to assist with a comprehensive analysis about the different factors that might have been involved in your collision. To correctly interpret an accident scene, accident reconstruction experts might:

  • Review environmental conditions at the time the accident occurred
  • Visit the actual scene of the accident to look at any other obstacles or issues involved
  • Collect visual evidence
  • Examined physical evidence like tire marks
  • Evaluate skid marks closely
  • Evaluate signals and roadside concerns that could contribute to possible visibility issues

All in all, accident reconstruction can help to retell the story of the accident and to help you to identify any and all parties who may be fully or partly responsible for the injuries you sustained. Don’t hesitate to get help from an experienced and dedicated professional. A San Francisco accident attorney can help.



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