Running a red light is about more than just breaking the law- it exposes the driver running the light and any drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the immediate area to the possibility of serious accidents.

California law has specific rules about what it means to run a red light. Being involved in an accident because another driver sped through a red light can be a devastating experience. Vehicle code 21453 is the California law related to traffic violations for running a red light.

This section has key stipulations about when such an incident occurs. Drivers can turn right on circular red lights but must stop at red lights. Drivers are also able to make a left turn on a steady circular red signal but only from a one way street and drivers must stop at a steady red arrow signal. There are fines associated with a violation of running a red light that can range from $35 to over $100.

Additionally, drivers who run a red light and make illegal turns will receive a point on their DMV record. If too many points are accumulated during a short period of time, this could lead to a negligent operator license suspension. Driving through a red light can also be the cause of a serious vehicle accident.

If this occurs and you have sustained injuries because of another driver’s negligence on the road, you need to share this information with a San Francisco car accident lawyer to discuss your next step.


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