Settlement amounts for concussions will depend on the type of accident, the severity of the injury and the costs already incurred and likely to be incurred in the future by the victim. It is important that if you have recently been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury or concussion that you consult with a knowledgeable San Francisco car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A concussion is a form of a TBI that results from a jolt, hit, or forceful impact directly to the head.

Concussions can also occur due to a sudden collision to the body’s reactive movement in a back and forth motion common during a rear end car accident. Concussions are very serious injuries, but many people don’t think of them as such. This is due to the fact that concussions are very common in vehicle accidents, and you might even hear medical providers refer to these as mild brain injuries.

Unfortunately, however, as any concussion victim can tell you, these can have significant consequences for the rest of their life. In fact, the most common type of mild brain injury is a concussion. It can be identified by symptoms such as amnesia, mental confusion, loss of consciousness, and headache. Immediate medical evaluation should be a top priority for anyone who believes they have a concussion. There is no effective way to treat a concussion and for that reason, most medical care is connected to prevention of further damage and the management of current pain.

The average value for a personal injury lawsuit with a concussion claim is between $20,000 and $80,000. Settlement values might increase depending on the severity for an injury. This is particularly true when there are multiple injuries that are also affecting the victim’s life. Make sure to consult with a San Francisco car accident lawyer to learn more about your rights if you find yourself in this situation.



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