In a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll argue that you were harmed by another person’s actions or inactions. In order to file a claim, you must also show that you have suffered losses as a result of that accident.

One of the first and most important steps you should take immediately after being hurt in a serious vehicle accident in California is to issue a demand letter. The demand letter includes an overview of your personal injury claim and the basis for another party’s liability. It can be extremely important as an opening part of your lawsuit. The demand letter typically includes details such as the parties involved in the accident, the facts and circumstances of what happened in the accident, the property damage and associated medical injuries linked to the accident, the losses and costs caused by the accident and a demand for compensation from the insurance company.

The demand letter is typically sent by a personal injury attorney who has extensive experience in this field and who can tell you more about what to expect. In some cases, the personal injury lawyer may get a positive response to the demand letter, allowing you to end with a settlement immediately.

However, this is extremely rare. Most demand letters are simply the start of negotiations between you and the insurance company to arrive at an amount that is fair for the injuries you have sustained. You want a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience in this field and someone who is highly familiar with everything from writing demand letters through many other steps in the process, including further settlement negotiations and even preparing for trial if necessary.



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