One of the most common outcomes of any San Francisco car accident is a medical condition known as whiplash. While whiplash is not as obvious as an open wound or easy to spot on an x-ray as a broken bone, it can have far reaching consequences for a victim.

In fact, this kind of soft tissue injury might be just one of many medical conditions you are coping with after an accident, making it all the more important to file a personal injury claim. Like any other back or neck injury, whiplash can be debilitating. It can significantly restrict the movement of the shoulders, neck and head. It can even be difficult to return to work sitting at a desk all day because of the posture required to be successful at your job.

Whiplash victims often need physical therapy, pain treatment, and reduced working requirements in order to recover in full. The following are a few examples of the ways that whiplash can affect you:

  • Limitations at home making it difficult to lift or carry your children or even bring the groceries into the house.
  • Inability to go to work if any physical activity or lifting is required as part of your job.
  • Pain and suffering which can get worse whenever you move your head.
  • Ongoing pain can also lead to mood disorders and depression.

Whiplash can be costly financially, physically and emotionally, which is a leading reason why many San Francisco car accident victims suffering from whiplash choose to file a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney. If you are learning how to live with whiplash and need support with your claim, schedule a time to meet with an injury attorney so you have clarity on your next steps.



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