The sudden striking of another object, vehicle or person can cause devastating injuries for anyone in a car accident. Broken glass injury claims can lead to long recovery periods.

Broken glass can pose significant danger to occupants inside the vehicles as well as any pedestrians or bicyclists near the accident scene. Even when vehicles are traveling at slow speeds, glass can shatter and can cause critical injuries. Many newer model vehicles have windshields designed with shatter proof glass, but windows on a vehicle on the side can still break in a collision, and if a crash force is strong enough, a windshield with shatter proof glass can also shatter.

From surface level wounds to shock to deep level lacerations, severed limbs and bleeding to death, broken glass injuries can run the gamut from moderate to life threatening. If glass was broken during the scene of the accident, make sure to carefully evaluate anyone who was at the scene to determine whether or not they have sustained any cuts.

It is important to get immediate treatment for broken glass injuries from car accidents because glass lodged in the body can lead to further injuries or bleeding problems that can complicate recovery time. If you have sustained a broken glass injury from a vehicle accident in which another party was responsible for your injuries, share this information with your San Francisco personal injury lawyer to learn more.



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