You’ve probably seen bicycle accidents happen all over San Francisco and hoped it might never happen to you. But did you know there are certain things you need to do after such a serious accident to protect your rights?

Avoiding mistakes at the scene of a bicycle accident could prevent you from having to go without the key financial support needed to pay your bills. These errors could even cost you the opportunity of a full recovery.

Once you’ve been hit in a bicycle accident, don’t make any assumptions about fault and the accident. Instead, get medical attention. Gather contact information for other people involved in the accident so you can remain in touch once you’ve gotten immediate medical help.

The biggest mistakes you can make after being hit while on a bicycle include:
• Telling the driver of the car that hit you that you’re fine and they can leave the scene
• Not getting contact information for anyone else involved in the wreck
• Assuming your injuries are minor and skipping medical attention
• Trying to handle any legal claims on your own rather than hiring a lawyer directly to help you
• Not attending all follow-up appointments with your own doctor, or ignoring his or her advice about what to do to increase your chances of healing in full

These mistakes can be avoided when you reach out for legal help promptly after the accident. If someone else hit you due to negligence, you can’t rely on anyone else to support your future. Talk to a California bicycle injury lawyer right away.

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