Do you know what to do if you start experiencing back pain after an accident? Most people don’t expect to wind up in a serious accident and therefore don’t know how best to respond to chronic back pain tied to the crash. Knowing what to do can help you heal and give you the best possible chance moving forward if you need to fight for compensation for your injuries.

All back pain should be taken seriously. Do not assume that it will just stop at some point in time. Back pain could be an indicator of more serious issues, and if you fail to get that diagnosed and treated, you could damage your opportunity to recover in full.

Here’s what to do if you experience back pain symptoms shortly after your vehicle accident in San Francisco:

  • Go to a doctor for a full examination right away. Even if you’re not yet sure whether or not you have other injuries, a doctor should always check you out.
  • Get the right imaging and medical treatment to rule out any more serious injuries.
  • Continue to attend your medical appointments and follow your doctor’s treatment plan. This will become important in the handling of your personal injury case.
  • Schedule a consultation with a San Francisco car accident lawyer to discuss your back pain and other symptoms.
  • Notify your car insurance company about the back pain from the accident, but avoid signing any paperwork that looks like a release, waiver, or settlement until you’ve had the chance to talk it through with your San Francisco car accident lawyer.

Need more help? Don’t wait to set up a consultation. Back pain can be serious.

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