car accident

After you submit information about your claim and supporting evidence to your insurance company, a claims adjuster will be appointed to evaluate the incident. You may later hear from this claims adjuster when they have questions or need additional materials submitted by you, and certainly you will hear from them when they come to an agreement on the amount you are to be awarded.

When you realize that your claim amount is not sufficient to cover the extent of your injuries and your ongoing expenses related to the accident, know that you have the opportunity to negotiate a settlement offer. Having a San Francisco car accident lawyer help you with this process can make it much easier to ensure that it gets completed effectively. Here’s what you need to know about negotiating that offer.

You should not be surprised when the insurance company responds to your initial demand letter with a much lower counteroffer. But you will need to know how to respond back, and this is best done with a lawyer.

You may need to demand more with the help of an experienced negotiator, such as an attorney. To counter arguments, you can do things such as submitting additional medical bills or diagnoses from your doctors illustrating how long you’ll be dealing with this with your medical conditions. You might also obtain a statement from your mechanic about repairs or replacement of parts if your argument with the insurance company is about the vehicle value.

A lawyer will be well versed in how to craft a compelling narrative showing how your life has been changed by this accident and why the initial offer is insufficient. Your attorney can then argue for a settlement offer more in line with the severity of your injuries and their impact.

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