A motorcyclist is at risk of being hurt anytime while riding in California, due to the great weather that makes it possible to ride your bike nearly year-round. Recognizing some of the most common motorcycle accident statistics may help prevent an accident.

If you or someone you know has already been hurt in an accident caused by another person’s behavior, you may need to contact an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer immediately. Here are some of the most common motorcycle accident statistics affecting California riders:

  • Nearly 90% of motorcycle accidents in California lead to a reportable injury or death.
  • There are more than 500 motorcycle fatalities in California annually, making it one of the most dangerous states in the country.
  • There are more motorcycle registrations in California than in any other state.
  • 6% of motorcycle fatalities are associated with a motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet.
  • The most likely season for a motorcyclist to get hurt in an accident is the summer.


Too many motorcycle riders pay the price for someone else’s negligence and dangerous behavior. Filing a personal injury motorcycle lawsuit may be the only way to receive the compensation you need to pay your medical bills, compensate you for lost wages, and move forward with your life after a major wreck.


If you were paying attention and operating your bike safely, but ended up seriously injured because of someone else’s negligent actions, a San Francisco personal injury lawyer may be the advocate you need to help you file a lawsuit and to recover compensation in court. Motorcycle riders do not have the same protections on their bike that people inside a traditional vehicle do. This means you may suffer more catastrophic and life-threatening injuries that require years of costly medical treatment.

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