Burns are an all-too-common side effect of being seriously hurt in a vehicle accident. In fact, electrical burns represent up to 7% of admissions to burn units nationwide. Electrical burns can happen in the home, on the job, or as a result of a serious vehicle accident.

Electrical burns can be considered the most devastating of all types of burns when compared on a size for size basis. This is because electrical burns can reach deep into the body. These more frequently affect young working men and are one of the leading causes of amputation among burn unit patients.

Electrical burns can also occur in a vehicle accident. Electrical burns are also associated with an array of complications, including heart problems, neurological damage, sepsis, kidney failure and cataracts of the eyes.

Some studies have shown that cataracts for electrical burn patients can develop as far out as 11 months after the original injury. A serious burn is always cause for contacting a knowledgeable San Francisco personal injury lawyer to review the specifics of your case and decide on your next steps.

There are so many different aspects to protecting your rights in a personal injury case. Since burns can leave lasting scars and painful reminders of the accident, filing a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit might be the only way to get the support needed post-accident.

No one should have to cope with burn injuries from a preventable accident. If this has happened to someone you love, retain a San Francisco injury lawyer today.



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