Unfortunately, car accidents in San Francisco and elsewhere around the country have a high risk of leading to back and neck injuries. The force that goes along with a car crash can be critically damaging to a patient’s back and neck.

Even if you cannot receive a clear diagnosis of what is causing your chronic pain, it is important to report these symptoms to your physician as soon as possible. These areas of the body are essential for your daily function.

Even when you were wearing your seatbelt and were properly restrained, the momentum that happens during a car accident can put significant pressure on your back and neck. In many cases the medical condition tied to this action is known as whiplash, and it can lead to numerous injuries to the spine. Lower back and neck injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating. They might even render it impossible for you to return to work.

Some of the most common back injuries associated with car accidents include spinal stenosis, lumbar sprains, disc herniation, or even degenerative spinal disorders. The diagnosis of lower back pain after a car accident should be handled by an experienced physician. Physical therapy, medications and surgery might be recommended depending on the injuries at hand.

Many people who have been hurt in a San Francisco accident will find that they continue to live with chronic pain for many months or even years beyond the accident. Since this can affect your ability to work and your overall quality of life, it’s important to have a personal injury attorney who can assist with your case so you have the best chance of compensation recovery.

If you suspect that you have back or neck pain from an accident, do not hesitate to get help and instead report this to a dedicated lawyer immediately.


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