Whiplash is a very common injury from vehicle accidents, particularly if you were involved in a rear end accident. Whiplash can run the gamut from mild pain to more chronic issues that can make it impossible for you to work. Symptoms of whiplash often do not show in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Your body will shield you from the initial pain due to the shock and adrenaline that courses through your body right after the crash.

Your body also doesn’t feel these impacts immediately as a result of many internal issues inside your neck. Whiplash might also be referred to as neck strain or a neck sprain and is characterized by collection of symptoms that have to do with ligaments, cervical muscles, nerve roots and discs.

Whiplash is caused when your body and head move suddenly backward or forward in a vehicle accident. It is not uncommon for whiplash injuries to appear more than 24 hours after the original accident has occurred. Some of the most common symptoms of whiplash that you should be aware of following a vehicle accident include sleep disturbances, fatigue, dizziness, low back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, neck pain and pain in the shoulder.

In the vast majority of whiplash cases, injuries to soft tissues such as ligaments, discs and muscles cannot be seen on x-rays. MRIs or CT scans could be used by a physician attempting to diagnose you with whiplash.

No single treatment works alone for whiplash. Some of the most common methods to treat serious whiplash injuries include heat, massage, traction, physical therapy, injections with ultrasound and Ibuprofen. Schedule a consultation with a San Francisco car accident attorney today if you have further questions. You can learn more about the process of filing an injury claim for whiplash or other more serious injuries.


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