Being hurt in a vehicle accident has the potential to leave you with critical medical bills and a great deal of personal stress. Because of these challenges, it is extremely important to work with a qualified San Francisco personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

A broken bone can take weeks to heal, making it hard for the injury victim to live their life or go back to work. Further, there are plenty of costs associated with getting that broken bone treated.

Some of the most commonly sustained broken bone injuries after car accidents include:

  • The clavicle
  • The pelvic bone
  • The lower or upper leg
  • The skull
  • Spinal vertebrae of the neck or back
  • The sternum
  • Facial bones

There are several different common types of broken bones which can include things, such as hairline fractures, compound fractures, buccal fractures, avulsion fractures, stress fractures, transverse tract fractures and oblique fractures. Diagnosis of broken bones after car accidents often requires outside medical professionals to review your situation and to create a treatment plan.

Bruising, extreme pain, a deformed appearance, swelling and inflammation and a bone poking through the skin are some of the visible symptoms of fractures. X-rays are often required in order to fully diagnose a San Francisco broken bone after a car accident. Doctors may also order CT scans if they suspect a break but do not see a break on initial x rays. For more information about dealing with a broken bone, schedule a time to meet with a qualified and an experienced attorney.



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