One of the biggest expenses associated with a serious vehicle accident in California is often your medical bills. Anyone who is injured or sustains significant property damage due to a California car accident can recover compensation through the at fault driver directly or that driver’s insurance policy.

California law requires that every driver carries insurance minimums to stay legal on the roadway. However, even when car insurance is active and includes these minimums, it can take some time to get your medical bills paid.

Car insurance companies may occasionally delay a claim in order to get a victim to accept a lower out of court settlement or it could be necessary to file a lawsuit against the at fault driver or their insurance carrier to recover compensation needed. While waiting for a settlement, you may have to turn to other sources to obtain coverage for your medical expenses.

Other medical payment sources could include your personal health insurance, government health care programs such as Medicare, health care providers that are willing to work on a medical lien basis and workers’ compensation coverage if the event was work related. You may also elect to purchase Med Pay insurance to cover medical expenses in an accident no matter who is at fault.

Bear in mind that car insurance companies operating in California are required to offer MedPay, but drivers do not have to carry it.

There’s no doubt that your own medical bills can catch you off guard after a serious accident.

To discuss the various types of coverages that could be available to you due to a California car accident, schedule a consultation with a San Francisco car accident lawyer immediately.


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