accident t bone

Any vehicle accident carries the potential for serious injuries but depending on where you’re struck, a T bone accident can yield severe or even fatal impacts. A T bone car accident may also be referred to as a side impact crash and these are some of the most fatal accidents on the road today. A T bone accident happens when one car hits the side of another vehicle.


The accident is named for the shape that the two vehicles make at the time of impact. These accidents are extremely dangerous, especially if other factors such as drugs and alcohol or excessive speed are involved. Victims of T bone accidents are only separated from another vehicle by a window and a thin door. When the window shatters on impact, this can also lead to metal and glass injuries for the victim inside.


Sometimes, the driver of the vehicle that is hit may be determined to be the negligent party but in other cases a third party or the colliding driver is the one at fault in the accident.


A thorough investigation of the accident scene may be needed to determine this. Generally, these collisions occur when one driver fails to give the other the right of way. The driver who failed to yield the right of way to the opposing driver will likely be determined at fault and it is also possible that an investigation of the scene reveals that both drivers may be assigned a portion of fault in the accident.


This is important because of the implications that can have for the recovering party attempting to receive compensation for their injuries. If you find yourself dealing with the fallout of a T bone accident and need assistance in investigating the scene and determining liability and fault, contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer today.


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