Every worker, even those in an office, have the potential to be affected by workers’ comp injuries. However, certain occupations have long been associated with a higher than usual injury or fatality risk.

High-risk occupations make it all the more important for someone who is involved in these professions to wear appropriate safety gear, exercise regular safety protocol, and report injuries and accidents to their supervisor as soon as possible. Some of the occupational professionals most likely to file a workers’ compensation claim include;

  • Healthcare workers, such as nurses who can sustain serious back injuries from lifting patients.
  • Construction workers who are exposed to many different risks like falling from scaffoldings, roofs or ladders.
  • Manufacturing workers who can be caught in and around machines.
  • Loggers who work with dangerous equipment on a daily basis.
  • Ranchers and farmers who are constantly put at risk of injury due to heavy machinery.
  • Miners who are exposed to occupational illnesses and injuries on the job.
  • Emergency services and law enforcement professionals who regularly put their lives on the line for safety, protection and health of others.

A worksite injury can leave you without income for weeks or months if you are not able to file an injury claim right away.

If you have already been hurt on the job in California and are curious about your rights and how best to protect yourself, schedule a consultation with an experienced San Francisco workers’ compensation attorney today.

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