According to an IIHS study, there are specific reasons why women are more likely to sustain injuries in vehicle accidents. The study found that women are at a higher risk of being killed or seriously injured in crashes when compared with men in crashes of similar severity.

Men are injured and killed more often than women in car accidents and the study found that the discrepancies are associated with the differences in the cars that many women drive and the crash circumstances rather than any physiological differences between men and women. Vehicle size and type and kind of crashes, therefore, are some of the most influential factors in determining how injured someone might be.

Nearly 70% of women in crashes were in cars rather than larger vehicles compared with 60% of men. A total of 20% of men in vehicle accidents were in pickup trucks compared with less than 5% of women. Women were more likely to sustain moderate lower-body injuries and women were 70% more likely to have serious leg injuries than compared with men.

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