The highest number of roadway deaths since 2007 was achieved in the past year. Many experts anticipated that fatal accidents would decrease in 2021 when traffic returned to more normal levels, however, the latest collected evidence shows that after years of positive safety improvements, US drivers are more likely to use drugs, leave their seatbelts unbuckled, drink or speed than ever before.

These unsafe driving habits have had deadly repercussions for other people on the road. According to some, this represents a see change in psychology as people rebel against restrictions or laws that are designed to keep them safe. As a driver it is important to be mindful of all road laws and to take meaningful efforts to stay safe when operating a vehicle.

You could help save your life, the life of passengers in your vehicle and others. If you or someone you know has already been seriously injured in an accident or if you are coping with the loss of a loved one due to a vehicle wreck, you need to consult with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

Losing a loved one in a preventable accident is a devastating situation. It can be hard for your loved ones to move on financially, which is why looking at a wrongful death lawsuit is one avenue for financial support in your next steps. An attorney in San Francisco is a powerful resource for getting those questions answered and taking care of your family when a loved one has been killed in a negligent accident.


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