back injury

After an accident, you may notice immediate back pain or lack of mobility. Or it’s possible that the shock of the accident shields you from the worst of your back injury, only for you to discover later that you have a serious issue.

Certain types of back injuries can come with substantial recovery periods, pain, and even recommended surgery. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after an accident is critical for identifying your proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Some back injuries may require surgery, and this could lead to additional lost time at work and difficulty in recovery.

Working with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer who is familiar with back injuries associated with car accidents will help you to determine whether or not you need to recover compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Spinal compression fractures are one type of injury that can lead to chronic pain. Surgery may be the only option to relieve this severe pain. This injury occurs when spinal vertebrae are compressed and cracked which weakens the bone. This injury is most frequently associated with osteoporosis, but car accident critical trauma can also cause abrupt fractures, requiring surgical procedures such as spinal fusion surgery.

A herniated disk is another common type of car accident back injury that may lead to surgical recommendations. Discs between your vertebrae may rupture due to the impact of a vehicle accident. This causes cushioning fluid to leak out and cause friction between your bones. Ruptured disks may need to be replaced or repaired by surgery if they cause significant impairment. Discussing your treatment plan with a qualified personal injury lawyer can help you understand what’s at stake and assist you so that you may focus on your health and recovery during this difficult time.

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